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Monday, April 15, 2013

Fishing Report

The fishing this year has been incredible. April continues to impress with better than average numbers and size of fish. With the season now upon us, we expect good things to continue. The insect activity has been on schedule and the trout have taken notice with many "dry fly" days had already. The number of fishermen has also increased as the good word about the Hi has apparently spread. We've had some wadeable flows as of late too, and that always brings people to the river to wet a line.
The #16 Hendrickson's, #20 BWO's and #18 dark EH caddis have been the choice for dry fly enthusiasts. Others have opted for olive buggers with standard nymph droppers or chosen to swing dark soft hackles for their catches. Honestly, there are so many combos that are working now that I can't begin to list them all here. The important thing is that people have been able to wade and to put fish in their nets.
Our water temps should hold up again this year. To our knowledge the pump back is still out of service. That helps to keep the temps down since that process of re-circulating tends to warm the water up before discharge.
As you can see, several factors are in place to make this one of the best years in recent memory on the Hi. We have lots of hungry fish, they are swimming in cold water and they are looking up at insects. That's hard to beat if you like to fly fish for trout!

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  1. I am a local and fish the hiwassee regularly. Aboutbtwonweeks ago I fished a week day. Only a few anglers out. It was in the 80's and water was clear. Fished emergers and caught sixteen with seven keepers.By lunch I had landed 13 rainbow and three brown. Fished again last saturday. There had been alot of rain on friday and water visibility was limited. Started wih a zugbug thinking it would be easier for them to spot. No luck. Switched back tonemergers and again finished a great day fishing. Thisbyearbhas been great already.