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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fishing Report

Fishing continues to be impressive on the Hi. Everyone we speak with in the shop reports good catch rates as well as some good size fish being caught. We remain very optimistic and think that the fishing will continue to improve throughout the season.
The top producing flies continue to be the size 16 tan EHC and size 10 olive BH woolly buggers. We still have lots of big sulphurs coming off, but the fish have really been keying in on the caddis for their top water meals. Watched several sulphurs float right through a pod of  rising fish. The caddis were not as lucky though.  
The water temp remains perfect at 58 degrees. The recreational flows have begun and summer is in full swing on the Hi. The trout stocking continues and the numbers of fish remain strong.
Our striper run will begin this month. I've heard reports of some already spotted in the river, but I've yet to see any myself. These fish are truly a nuisance and are hard on the trout population, but damn they sure are fun to catch. Nothing like laying into a 20 - 30 pound striper that's cruising along in a trout stream. They are extremely strong and fight like crazy. One of the hardest fighting fish that you'll ever tangle with in freshwater.
Over the years we've developed quite a following of clients that book our guides for a shot at catching these migrating fish. They can be hard to locate, especially on a large tailwater like the Hi, but once you find them they usually eat. And when they hit, hold on! It's definitely worth the price of admission.
All signs continue to point to this being an epic year for our fishery. The drought is behind us, the delayed harvest has allowed some good fish to holdover for the season and the water temps look like they will remain good as well. If you've been wanting to try the Hi, now's the time!