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Monday, November 21, 2011

TU Headed to Capitol Hill

Here's a little different spin on the trout hatchery dilemna. Click here for the latest news concerning this issue and don't forget to show your support for Trout Unlimited as they take this fight all the way to Capitol Hill!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fishing Report

Lots of good fishing lately on the river. The river is absolutely full of fish and they are not picky about what they want to eat. I guided 2 clients yesterday and we crushed fish by swinging a size 16 caddis all day. Others I spoke to caught fish on an olive crystal bugger all day long. I haven't heard any bad reports from our customers over the last couple of weeks. That may change as colder weather creeps up on us. No need to be too technical, you just have to get out and fish.
Water flows have been very wader friendly. One generator flows have been very common throughout much of the day. Lots of places to wade on 1 generator. Just remember to be very attentive to any increase in water flow while wading during a 1 generator flow. If you get caught by that 2nd generator coming on unexpectedly it can get real interesting real quick. Be careful, but get out and enjoy this great Delayed Harvest fishing while it lasts. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winter Fishing Tips

Winter fishing can be some of the most productive fishing that you will do all year. It can be challenging though due to the low, clear water conditions that usually prevail during that time of year. The delayed harvest waters have really gotten more anglers interested in fishing during the colder months and we are often asked about the different tactics that we use while fishing in these often challenging conditions. Below are some tips that may help you become a better cold weather fly fisherman.

SLOW DOWN: The metabolism of the trout slows way down when the water temps hit 40 degrees and lower. They don't have to eat as often so they are far less likely to chase down a meal. The typical technique used during this time is to fish big nymphs, heavily weighted and dredged through deep runs. They won't eat as often, but if you "bounce it off their nose" you have a good chance of enticing a strike.

FISH DEEP: The colder water holds oxygen much better than the warmer water of the summer months. The trout don't have to lay in the riffles to get the more oxygenated water. They have no need to expose themselves like that in the colder water. As a general rule they will be holding in deeper water, but of course they will move up if they have to when they feel the need to eat.

BE STEALTHY: This one goes without saying, but thought I would mention it anyway. Besides wearing drab colored clothing, take care to stay low and to not cast a shadow over the water. This will put any trout on alert and scurrying for cover. Also take care to wade as quietly as possible. If you can get out of the water to change locations versus wading on through this will always be your best bet.

THINK SMALL: I know that earlier I said to dredge big nymphs down deep. That is true when the fish are holding in deeper water. But when the trout are feeding they will sometimes move up into more shallow water. When they do this they can become very selective about what they want to eat. Remember that midges may be the standard fare on the water you are fishing. Don't forget to try these, especially in the winter.

BE ACCURATE: If you happen to find trout that are feeding in the open, accurate casting will be very important. You may only get one shot at your presentation. Take your time and think about the best way to present your fly. If there are multiple fish present pick one to cast to. This will help ensure that you get the best presentation possible to that fish versus a shotgun approach.

These are just a few tips that may help improve your odds at catching some lethargic, spooky trout. They can be a real challenge, but they can be caught. If it was easy everyone would be out freezing their butt off with you. Good luck and stay dry!

Monday, November 7, 2011

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If you haven't already, start following us on facebook. I am going to try and do better on my posting for this blog and for our FB page. We have been extremely busy this year ( thanks to all of you for supporting us ) and I have really gotten behind on posting. I'm not very good at taking the time to update our sites. It is the one area of the business that I can slack on without anyone giving me a hard time. So, either no one is reading this crap or no one really cares if it gets updated. Or both. Anyway, check out our FB page and be sure and "Like" us while you're there. Thanks!


We are still offering our fly fishing classes through the winter months.

Quick Update

DH still fishing good. Great weather, fish, tiny BWO's, caddis and plenty of water. Don't wait too long!

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