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Friday, June 29, 2012

Fishing Report

Hiwassee River

The Hi has been fishing great all season. The only thing that seems to change is what the preferred dry fly is from one week to the next. Currently, the isonychia's rule. We have been fishing these with great success, catching good numbers of 14" fish, including a 16" Brown that fell prey to a good drift. I would use a size 14 or 16. If you get a good drift in holding water they will eat. If you get too far behind on your drift and can't get a good mend without pulling your fly under, let it fish on the swing. They will still eat, it's just not as fun as seeing them eat on top.
The water temps have been holding up better than expected this year. The last one I checked on the upper river showed it to be 58 degrees. That is perfect! We could still use some rain of course, but so far, so good. The fish don't seem to mind.

Tellico River

I haven't done any trout fishing lately on the Tellico. I spend my time smallmouth fishing this time of year and give the trout a break. The higher water temps, along with the lower water levels, really stress the trout. I figure that we could both use a break, so I switch over to smallies. It's a real sacrifice, but I get by...Ha Ha!
The smallmouth fishing has been stellar so far this summer. I went a couple days ago and caught about forty, all on the same popper. Nothing wrong with that. Water temp was 71 on the section of river that I was fishing on. This was in the afternoon, not during my normal prime time evening smallie trips. It's a very special time right now for the smallies. Low water conditions make them alot easier to locate and to sight fish for. They can also spot you too, so stealth is very important. You really have to make that first cast count. If you do it right, they'll come up and crush the popper. That's one of my favorite sounds!
It's only a matter of time before they seek out some deeper water to escape the heat. I think I'll tie up a bunch of crawfish patterns today so I'll be ready to make the switch. Once they get on the crawfish bite in deeper water it's hard to get them looking up again. Especially in this heat. It always pays to have some of those patterns in the box. They can really save the day.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fishing the Little T

Had a great 3 day stretch of guiding some good fly fishermen in North Carolina and Georgia. We had a great time and caught lots of fish. Always good to open up new waters for our guide service destinations. We look forward to getting back on those waters soon...very soon!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

North Carolina Fishing

Nice Brown Trout by a young angler on the Tuck today. He also stuck a few smallies on the Little T yesterday. Fishing in Georgia tomorrow!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Waters

OK, time has come. We are now offering guided smallmouth fishing trips to the Little Tennessee and the Tuckasegee Rivers in Western North Carolina. We've been working on bringing these into the mix for a month or so now. We're excited about it, and we know that our smallie fishing clients will also enjoy the great fishing that these rivers are known for. Give Steve a call and book your time on these waters while the smallie bite is HOT!
Rundown of the waters that we currently guide on:
North River
Sycamore Creek
Little Tennessee
We are in the process of adding more waters as we speak. We'll keep you posted as other venues become available. Gonna be a great year!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fishing Report

Had several guided fishing trips over the last week. Sulphurs popping each and every day. Some days the fish were rising to dries and others they were only wanting the swung emergers. Isonychia dry flies are also becoming more important in the evenings. River is still holding lots of hungry fish. Water temps are perfect at 55 degrees. Rain is falling right now and that can only improve the conditions.
Had a nice surprise the other day while finishing up a float. Saw this guy hanging out and enjoying the scenery. Beautiful juvenile bald eagle perched in the same dead tree snag that I have seen an osprey in on several occasions. Must be a prime fishing spot for those guys. Come to think of it, I've done pretty good in that stretch of water myself. Oh well, plenty of fish in there for all three of us I guess. I certainly don't mind sharing.
(Sorry about the photo quality. Couldn't get zoomed in any better.)

Friday, June 1, 2012

New Rig

Got a new raft rig set-up this week. These boats are perfect for the Hi and for floating the skinny smallmouth waters that I guide on. I have been scouting some new smallie waters and can't wait to put this boat to work on them. The new waters have been fishing great and are almost ready to be added to the menu of offerings. Stay tuned!