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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Terrestrial Bite Is On!

We have finally started having lots of success with terrestrial patterns on the Hi. The fish are a little late this year, but they are definitely looking for them now. Initially you had to beat the banks with them to have success, which is usually the case. But they are now taking them in the middle of the river. That is when I consider the terrestrial bite to be on.
Our top patterns have been hoppers, crickets and cicadas. Yes cicadas. I know, a cicada is not a terrestrial pattern. But due to the fact that we have not had any of them on the upper river, I am convinced that they are hitting it as a cricket or beetle pattern. I may be wrong, and I don't really care as long as they continue to hit them. Get out and enjoy while it lasts!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fishing Report

The Hiwassee River fly fishing continues to impress. The dry fly activity has been great with the sulphurs still hanging around and the Isonychias making an appearance here and there. It won't be long before they are in full effect and driving the trout crazy. And, as usual, we still have some tiny BWO's buzzing around in the evenings.
Sub-surface patterns would have to be zug bugs and BHPT's. You can also drop a soft hackle off the back of your nymph and let it swing below for some jarring strikes.
That's about it for now. Will try to do better on my posting frequency if I can get the time to sit down and put a thought process together long enough to type something out. We have been extremely busy this season. The fly shop numbers are up and the guide service numbers have doubled again this year. All of this is great news and we hope it continues to grow. Thanks to all our customers for their continued support!