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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Favorable Flows

Noticed that TVA will be running 1 generator all day today. Same thing yesterday, don't know about previous days. Anyway, good time to get out and wade while you can. Lots of places that you can wade and fish on just 1 wheel if you are familiar with the river. If you are not familiar I wouldn't risk it. If you decide to go you still need to be careful and keep an eye out for rising water. They can always kick on that 2nd wheel at any time. Trust me, nothing good can come from getting caught out there when that 2nd wheel comes on. I've been there. It's not fun. Always have an exit route picked out just in case.
Some time today I am going to put a picture of the powerhouse on our website that you can click on and go to the TVA site that shows the generation schedule for the Hiwassee River. I will put it on either the Home page or the Fishing Report page. This will give people a place to go and check the schedule. Alot of people that are not very familiar with the river check the schedule of the wrong powerhouse when they plan their trip to fish the river. Hopefully this will help them out. If they don't read the blog or visit our website I don't guess it will help them much. Oh well, I'll do it anyway.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter Trout Fishing Tips for Mountain Streams

Thought I would post a few tips about fly fishing for trout on freestone streams in the winter. This should help increase your success while fishing our area Delayed Harvest waters.
1) Fish deep
Cold water holds more oxygen than warm water. For this reason, concentrate more on fishing the long, deep, slow moving pools. They generally won't hold in the plunge pools or riffles like they do in warmer weather. They are there in the summer because that water holds more oxygen. In the winter they have plenty of O2 and are more concerned with the safety that deeper water provides. Don't forget to add split shot to get that fly down to where they are holding.
2) Fish slower
When the water gets cold, the metabolism of trout slows way down. They don't have to eat as much and they become lethargic. They won't move or chase a fly as far as they will in warmer water. That's why you hear guides say that you have to "bounce it off their nose" in order to get a strike sometimes. Be sure and cover the water thoroughly before moving on to the next fishing spot.
3) Be stealthy
This is always important, but in colder water it becomes even more of an issue. The water is usually gin clear because cold water does not hold particulate matter like warmer water does. The fish can easily see you approach. They can also see you cast, so keep the false casting to a minimum.
These are just a few basic tips that should help you increase your catch rates. The winter fishing in this area can be great, so don't let the cold weather deter you from hitting the water. You may just have the stream all to yourself, so get out and enjoy the solitude!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We've had some much needed rain over the last couple of days. Streams should be back up to perfect levels which means continued good fishing. This was a good soaking rain and the front moved out this evening. The latest forecast calls for great fishing weather over the next few days, so get out and enjoy!

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Trip Offering!

We are pleased to announce that we will now be offering guided trips to fish the Nantahala Delayed Harvest waters in North Carolina. Last week we did a scouting trip over there (see pics from "Guide's Day Out" below) and had a blast. The river is really fishing good and has some 20" plus fish added to the mix. You can also get a "Southern Grand Slam" (rainbow, brown and brook trout) on any given day. The pricing on these trips is $300 for half day and $400 for full day. We have increased our regular pricing for these trips by $50 due to the driving distance and added expense that we incur to guide over there. These trips are definitely worth the money though. Beautiful area and big fish potential on every cast. I really had a good time fishing that area. Nice fish and a change of pace for me. You'll like it too!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guide's Day Out

Had an opportunity to fish with a good friend of mine yesterday. Bob Borgwat (owner of Reel Angling Adventures guide service in Georgia) and I took the day off and finally got together to do some fishing. As you can tell by the pics we had a good day.

The day started off a little cold, but it didn't take long for the midge and emerger bite to turn on. We hooked 4 and landed 3 fish in excess of 20 inches, not to mention the many other smaller fish that came to net.

It was a much needed trip for me. Nothing like recharging the batteries with a good day on the stream.