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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hiwassee River DH

The river will be stocked early next week for our first year of DH management. I am very optimistic that the quality of fishing on the Hiwassee will improve over the next few seasons. Talked to Mark Thurman with TWRA and he assured me that he is very interested in working on continued improvement of our fishery. He is actively trying to get a handle on what goes on in the river 12 months out of the year. Also he wants to find out all of the conditions that have physically changed over the years. Nice to know that we have not been forgotten by TWRA as far as improving the fishery goes. Mark also told me that the stocking next week should be with fish a little larger by weight than what the Hiwassee is usually stocked with. Good luck to everyone on the river this coming season.