Hiwassee Angler is the only full service fly shop in the area. We are located in the heart of some of the best fly fishing that East TN has to offer. We offer guided fly fishing for trout, smallmouth bass and striper. We also offer fly fishing classes. Visit our website by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Update to the Post Below "Now Taking Orders"

Needed to update our post due to forgetting to add some info. to it.
Got a call from Alex, a fly fishing guide from Michigan, and during our talk I realized that I had forgotten to include a very important statement in my post about ordering the Outcast PAC 1400 rafts. What I forgot to add is the fact that if you order these rafts from us, we pay all shipping costs to the lower 48 states. That saves you at least a couple hundred bucks. What a deal! So there's your incentive and a great selling point. Now give us a call and get one ordered for yourself. You won't beat this deal!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Now Taking Orders

We are now taking orders for new Outcast PAC 1400 fishing rafts. These rafts are ideal for float fishing on tailwaters or skinny smallmouth rivers. They are essentially an inflatable drift boat, without all the fiberglass damage to worry about when you hit a rock. They are very versatile and can be set-up and rigged by the owner to suit their needs perfectly. Check them out by clicking HERE.
We are offering these boats as a pre-pay option only. We don't have the facilities to store them in inventory, but I will be guiding out of one this year and will have it at the shop for you to check out in person if you're interested. Feel free to call Steve with any questions. Oh, almost forgot. These boats come with a 10 year warranty!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lower Tellico River

The Lower Tellico River is fishing great right now for trout and smallmouth. Fished it back to back consecutive days and caught tons of fish. Don't miss out on these trips!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Drift Boat is Sold

The new ClackaCraft drift boat that we had for sale at the shop sold today. It has a new home in Georgia.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Spawn is over and they are hungry. Eating on top! Love it!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fly Fishing Class

We have 2 slots open for a fly fishing class on May 25th at 9AM at the fly shop. Give us a call if you're interested. Check out our website for more info. about these classes by clicking HERE.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Boats, Toons and Yaks

Outcast one man pontoons now in stock!
Brand new 2011 ClackaCraft 16LP on sale. Price reduced!
Freedom Hawk kayaks in stock!
If you're looking to buy any kind of watercraft for this season check us out first before you buy. If we don't stock it we can drop ship it to you....and as always, we pay shipping on all orders placed with us!

Fishing Report

Hiwassee River
The Hi continues to fish well. We're enjoying some good rainfall today and that will only help things.
Look for sulphurs, caddis, yellow sally stones and baetis for your dry fly action. Standard nymph patterns prevail. Dry fly and nymph fishermen have been catching fish side by side. Lots of hungry trout for sure!
Tellico River
Water levels have been a little lower than I like lately, but today's rain will cure that. The river has still been fishing well and the temps have remained good all year. Did a guide trip on the upper Tellico last Wednesday and the water temp was 57 degrees. Perfect!
Only used 2 flies on that trip and caught tons of fish. A #16 BH Prince and a #6 Olive bugger produced all day long. Had a little drizzle all day long so never tried a dry fly, although I'm sure a BWO would have worked well where we were fishing.
Did a short little trip Thursday evening with my son and one of his buddies to check on the local Tellico River smallmouth community. I won't elaborate much, but we found them to be alive and well. They appeared to be hungry however, and we did our best to try and feed as many as possible during our trip. They couldn't resist the yellow poppers. Nothing better than smallies on top with a fly rod. Gotta love it!
Speaking of smallies, we are presently working on offering a new smallmouth trip to our clients. We're still doing our homework and feeling it out, but it looks very promising so far. Stay tuned for more info. on these trips. If it all pans out, you WILL NOT want to miss it!