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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They're Back!

We just scouted our favorite place for BIG spring time rainbows. This is an area where the big bows will stage for the upcoming spawn. Yes I said spawn! These are wild fish, not the farm fed pigs that you see pictures of on other websites. These are the real deal. And the good news is that they are back. The bad news is that this only lasts for about 6 weeks before they move out of the area.
We are now taking bookings for these trips. If big, wild rainbows on the fly is something that you are interested in give us a call to book your trip ASAP. This won't last long and we have a limited number of openings available during this time period. Here's a couple of fish from last year. These fish can be caught consistently throughout the day when the conditions are right.

Link Updated

I just updated the link for the generation schedule on the Hiwassee River. For some reason TVA doesn't update the info. anymore on the old site.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome Aboard!

We are pleased to announce that we have just hired a new guide to join the staff here at Hiwassee Angler. I say new, but to anyone familiar with the Hiwassee they will know that he is anything but new. Join us in welcoming Michael "Rocky" Cox to our guide staff.
Rocky comes to us after guiding in this area for many years. He is very familiar with our waters as well as many other tailwaters in the state. He has a great reputation as a guide and we look forward to working with him this year and for many years to come.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fishing Report

Me and Skip floated the upper section last Tuesday on one generator and absolutely whacked fish! We caught them on caddis, both on top and swung just under the water, BHPT's, Princes and olive buggers. We stayed in fish the whole time and had a great day. Had a few fluttering brown stones on the water and that kept the fish active during the whole trip. We put on at about 12:00 and took out at about 6:00. Only saw 2 other boats and a few bank fishermen. They all did well too.
The fishing that we have right now could not be better for this time of year. If you need to shake some cabin fever, now is the time to do it. Beautiful weather and no rafters floating by. You should have the river pretty much to yourself through the week, the weekends will probably be a little more populated though. Still, this is a big river and has plenty of trout for everyone. SO GO FISHIN' while the weather and the fish are cooperating.
Now a quick word to pay the bills: Our guide trips have been booking pretty steadily lately with the anticipation of spring just around the corner. Give us a call and book your dates early. All signs are pointing to this being a great year on the Hiwassee!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Good news! The new fishing licenses will be available on Feb. 18th. Why is this good news you ask? Well there are a couple new license options this year that will make it cheaper for residents and non-residents alike to enjoy some time on the water. A couple of the new ones that I am referring to are listed below, along with a short description. Keep in mind that when "All Species" is listed to describe a license, that means that trout are included.
Type 023- Resident 1 day fishing license - All Species $11.00
( This eliminates the need to buy an $18.00 annual trout stamp for just one day of trout fishing )
Type 083- Non-resident 1 day fishing license - All Species $16.00
( Previously a 3 day non-resident license was the least that you could buy )
As you can see, this makes it alot cheaper for our clients to buy a license for just that 1 day that they are fishing with us. These 1 day options are something that all outfitters have been wanting for a long time. Hats off to TWRA for listening and implementing the changes. Good job guys!